Grand Canyon Tour Bus

Many people may not realize that there is much more that lies within the depths of the Grand Canyon.  To most, they assume when you visit the Grand Canyon you stand there and look to the bottom.  Well, there is much more to visiting the Grand Canyon than that.  Yes, it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but an incredible amount of history lies within its walls.  Located in the South Rim of the Grand Canyon are several historical buildings, which can be visited when arriving from the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon bus tours.  The following are a few of the historical buildings you can see when visiting the Grand Canyon:

  • The Buckley O’Neill Cabin
    This cabin was built in the Grand Canyon during the 1890s by William Owen “Buckley” O’Neill.  The Buckley O’Neill Cabin is one of the longest standing structures in the South Rim and was built by O’Neill because of a copper deposit that was discovered nearby.  The Buckley O’Neill Cabin is included in the Grand Canyon Village National Historic Landmark District.
  • Kolb Studio
    Kolb Studio Built by two brothers, Ellsworth and Emery Kolb, in 1904.  Ellsworth and Emery were photographers who photographed visitors walking down the Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trail.  They also captured their journey down the Green and Colorado Rivers on video and showed the movie at the Kolb Studio.  Today, the Kolb Studio serves as an art gallery and exhibit for Grand Canyon tourists.
  • Desert View Watchtower
    Desert View Watchtower was designed and built by Mary Jane Colter in 1932 and is one of her best known buildings.  Desert View Watchtower is located on the far-east end of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim is stands 7,400 feet tall, overlooking the Grand Canyon and offering the best views of the bottom of the Canyon as well as the Colorado River.  Colter also designed and built the Hopi House and Lookout Studio, which are two other prominent Grand Canyon historical buildings accessible on GC Flight’s Grand Canyon bus trip.
  • The El Tovar Hotel
    The El Tovar Hotel was built in the Grand Canyon in 1905 and designed by Charles Whittlesley.  The El Tovar offers the most luxurious lodging accommodations in the Grand Canyon National Park with its rustic chalet design.  This 4-story hotel also includes a gift shop and fine dining restaurant.

Now, did you honestly know that so many historical buildings and landmarks were seated in the midst of the Grand Canyon National Park?  When you book a guided Grand Canyon tour bus with GC Flight, you have the ability to see all these landmarks and learn about the history behind it all.  Guided tours with GC Flight also allow you to maximize the full, allotted time available inside the Grand Canyon and at a very affordable price.  Unique history, natural beauty, and an indescribable experience.  Now, that is a vacation you cannot pass up.