Grand Canyon Bus Tours Give You One of the Most Majestic Views in the World

For most people, photo opportunities are always available, especially with our generation’s love for social networking and sharing memories within our close circles.  From vacations to parties and to mere everyday life, we all find a reason to share our pictures with the world.
One of the greatest picture opportunities that people worldwide desire and that should be taken greater advantage of is within our own southwestern United States.  The Grand Canyon is a majestic and natural beauty, and millions of people travel every year to see the natural wonders that the Colorado River has created over nearly two billion years.  Cutting through layers and layers of rock, the Colorado River’s creation and the majestic river itself attracts tourists from all over to snap breathtaking pictures others would die at the chance for.  

Give yourself the chance to capture this one-of-a-kind picture opportunity by visiting the Grand Canyon National Park.  GC Flight offers the best and affordable bus tour Grand Canyon enthusiasts and tourists cannot pass up.  With the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim Motor Coach Tour, you get to see the highly anticipated and frequently visited portion of the Grand Canyon.  Leaving from all major hotels along the Las Vegas Strip, this Grand Canyon bus tour takes you on the short journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.  Along your guided tour you will learn about the early settlement of the Mojave Desert and the surrounding area, including stories of early Spanish Conquistadors, missionaries, mountain men, and Native Americans.  Get a first-hand view of the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge, the newly constructed engineering wonder that connects travelers from Nevada to Arizona en route to see Hoover Dam and the impounded Lake Mead.  Your tour bus will stop at this Hoover Dam Bypass bridge for a photo stop, and because the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is the second-tallest bridge in the United States, you will not be able to contain yourself from snapping multiple pictures to share later.  

The South Rim is the most popular place for tourists when visiting the Grand Canyon, allowing you to see spectacular views of Bridge Angel Point and Mather Point overlooks, and these are photo opportunities with your family, friends, and loved ones that surely cannot be passed up.  With just a short daytrip on your Grand Canyon bus tours, liven up your Las Vegas experience and capture pictures you will want to upload to your favorite social networks the second you return back to Sin City! The rates and packages GC Flight offers are undeniably affordable; see for yourself at and book a motor coach tour to the Grand Canyon today!