What Does the Future Look Like for the Grand Canyon?

With the success of the Grand Canyon Skywalk which was completed in 2007, many businesses are looking to cash in on the financial potential of Arizona’s marvelous wonder of nature. Millions of people visit the Grand Canyon each year, which is why so many companies are clamoring over valuable land in hopes of fighting for the dollars of tourists and nature lovers. While many people are excited for the new possibilities that changes to the Grand Canyon will bring, others are not so keen on the idea of flooding Arizona’s magnificent natural beauty with stores and restaurants. Here is what the future of the Grand Canyon could look like in the coming years.

Big changes could be coming soon

Major projects, like the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade development, could mean massive changes coming to Grand Canyon in the near future. With plans for a series of restaurants, boutique hotels, shops and a trailer park, the Grand Canyon Escalade development is the most ambitious and latest attempt to market the Canyon to tourists.
Additionally, a number of designers from Italy are planning their own renovations to Northern Arizona’s top landmark. With the intention to provide three million square feet of new retail construction and 2,200 houses to the nearby village of Tusayan, visitors of the Grand Canyon will soon have many more options for shopping and dining than ever before.

Not everyone happy with changes

While some people can’t wait for the influx of restaurants, businesses and revenue that these new development projects could bring, others see them as unnecessary eyesores that detract from the natural beauty of the Canyon. With complaints from locals including the Grand Canyon Escalade development’s location on the floor of the Canyon to concerns about the water supply of Tusayan, some people have major issues with these alterations of sacred land. Whether these development projects actually take away precious views of the Canyon or cause a drought in the village of Tusayan remains to be seen, but tribes living in the area don’t want to take the risk.
Whatever changes that may be coming to the Grand Canyon, one thing is for sure. The Grand Canyon is an important and beautiful piece of land that must be seen in person to be believed. For more information on Grand Canyon helicopter tours, contact GC Flights today at (800) 871-1030. We look forward to helping you plan a vacation that you will never forget.