Cheapest Grand Canyon Tours From Las Vegas

If you’re in Las Vegas and looking to take a break from the city, consider taking a Grand Canyon tour based out of the sin city itself.  Tours can range from 4-5 hours back and forth, and if you wish, an overnight stay. Even if you’re on a tight budget, the cheapest Grand Canyon tours still offer some spectacular experiences and views from each of the four rims or edges of the canyon. Prices range from around $100 to $500 per person, depending on how many activities you’re up for. From a 4-5 hour bus ride through the scenic domain of the South Rim and one of the nation’s most beautiful natural landscapes – to a VIP voyage on the West Rim’s Skywalk – an “invisible” bridge suspended 4000 ft above the canyon floor, the amount of activities are astounding. If you decide to take the tour do a little research on the rims of the canyon and how each edge offers a different perspective and experience and check out our cheapest Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas.

North Rim:

You should know that from mid-October to mid-May, the north rim closes the visitor services and even park ranger security for the area. When it is open, the north rim offers rugged hiking trails for the experienced hiker.  However, from this location, the view of the majestic Colorado river is a limited since the river runs closer to the opposite edge, the Southern rim.

South Rim:

The cheapest of the Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas will most likely take you to this part of the canyon. Over 90% of all visitors of the Grand Canyon visit this particular area. Unlike the north rim, this section of the canyon is open year round and is loaded with museums, gift shops, restaurants and hotels. And if you’re with the family, this might be the perfect spot for you and the kiddies. The hiking trails of the south rim are minimal in skill level and mule rides are also available. If you plan on visiting both the North and South rims, you need to know that they are about 200 miles apart. So, plan ahead.

East Rim:

Some might be surprised to know that there actually is an east rim of the Grand Canyon. However, it is not open to any tour buses. However, the roads are open for regular automobiles if you want to take a nice scenic drive through what is called the Desert View. This 26 mile journey will lead you to the heart of the Southern Rim or the Grand Canyon village. From this location you can view the most memorable landscapes on one of the main observation decks.

West Rim:

This rim is the one nearest the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, but is actually not part of the Grand Canyon national park. It is a part of the Hualapai Indian reservation; however, the Hualapai Indian tribe work together with tour companies in Las Vegas and so they do offer canyon tours of their own. Some of the cheapest bus tours to this location range from $115 and includes a breakfast snack, a BBQ lunch, and even a narrated tour of the canyon.
So, if you happen to find yourself staying in Las Vegas, try a quick Grand Canyon tour. The prices are affordable and even the cheapest bus tours still provide luxurious accommodations like panoramic windows, comfortable seating, and great views from the different canyon rims. Throw in a helicopter tour or a plane flight over the canyons, if you’re feeling it, and you might find yourself staying the night.