Amazing Sunrises and Sunsets at the Grand Canyon

If you’ve never been to the Grand Canyon at sunrise and sunset, then you’re missing out one of the most incredible sights in all of America. Whether you go alone or take the whole family, the Grand Canyon is one place that must be on the top of your list of places to go on vacation.

Grand Canyon sunsets

You will witness a view that will take your breath away as you stand and watch the sun slowly fade away into night. The sky will change colors in the blink of an eye from oranges to pinks to purples, and then to complete darkness as the sun slips away. The way the light and colors reflect on the clouds in the sky with the varying shades of vibrant colors against the darkening blue sky is magnificent.

Grand Canyon sunrises

If you have the chance to stay overnight at the Grand Canyon, you will want to be sure to get up bright and early so you don’t miss the chance to experience the sun rising slowly over the peaks of the Canyon. Once again, you will see the sky change into a variety of colors and you can watch as the shadows lift away, starting from the valleys in the bottom of the Canyon and slowly rising up to the tallest peaks around you. As with the sunsets, the sunrises will be a sight you will never forget.

Planning a trip

It’s easy to plan to trip to the Grand Canyon, especially if you’re local to Las Vegas or the surrounding areas. There are many Grand Canyon tours from Las Vegas. Booking a tour will provide an expert tour guide to help point out things only an experienced person would know about. You can also choose to go it alone and experience the sights and sounds of the Grand Canyon.
No matter how you decide to visit the Grand Canyon, or whom you decide to go there with, it’s definitely a location that everyone must visit at some point in their life. Add the Grand Canyon to your bucket list, and make sure to visit it sooner rather than later.