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How To Pack For The Grand Canyon

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How To Pack For The Grand Canyon

If you’ve never experienced the Grand Canyon, and have decided on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, you are in for an amazing experience. To ensure that you thoroughly enjoy your visit, you want to be as prepared as possible. Below are some items you’ll want to pack so your experience of the Canyon’s wide ranging seasonal temperatures is more comfortable:

If you plan to hike the Grand Canyon during one of the danger months, May – September, you will need to lather up with some SPF to protect yourself from the sunny 90 degree F average weather.

Winter Gear
From February to November, temperatures average highs of 50 degree F and lows of 16 degree F.  It’s best to prepare for both and pack  heavy jackets, gloves, and other warm clothing. You can always take off layers if you get warm.

Rain Protection
You should always prepare for rain when hiking at the canyon. Especially if you plan on visiting between the months of February to November. During this season there is an average of 2 inches of precipitation.

Swimming Trunks
Don’t forget that a trip to the Grand Canyon also offers white water rafting or a dip in the river. If you opt for rafting, light fabric shirts are recommended as well as an extra pair of shoes or sturdy sandals. You won’t want to be hiking out of the canyon with wet shoes and socks.

The sun can   outer rims of the canyon. Sunglasses that have UV protection are highly recommended. Add a hat, and you will have even more sun blocking aid.

The Grand Canyon offers some of the most extraordinary and stunning views. Any way you turn you’ll want to snap a pictures. Whether your hiking or enjoying the scenery while riding in a Hummer or a Helicopter, massive amounts of photo opportunities will be waiting for you.

What’s a camera without batteries?

Hats or Visors
Provide extra protection from the sun by wearing a hat or visor, shading  your face and neck.

Water. Water. Water. This is probably one of the most important things to pack. Dehydration is dangerous and can happen to anyone. Pack more than you think is needed and make sure everyone in your group also has an ample amount. If you want to be extra careful, pack iodine pills as well.

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